Twelve Months Later… How I Got Here

Some of you have been asking recently about my story and I wanted to share a graphic that ultimately helped to clarify and shape how I got to this point today.

Life Purpose

I was finding myself constantly in the “Learn to Say No” space, and I suspect some of you may be reaching that point in your career.   It took almost a year to figure out how to get to “Hooray”, and I’m still in the process of working my way there.

It’s been great to be fully in the “What We Want To Do” circle though…  And now that there’s a plan to monetize, it’s just a matter of executing that plan.

If you want things to change, be diligent about carving out time to think about this question.  You can get yourself into “Hooray!”  It’s just a matter of being intentional about it.

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