Saying Yes

After doing this moving thing a few times in my life, I’ve discovered that there is a rhythm and an art to making friends in a new city.

Saying “yes” to… EVERYTHING is an easy way to aid that process.  It’s led me to make some amazing friends, and also led me to now have some VERY interesting stories and experiences.

First off, saying “no” is always easier.  There’s little risk with “no”… and spending time on our own is always a known quantity that we can control.

But saying “yes” is better.  Say “yes” to community.  Say “yes” to new experiences or spending time with new people.  Say “yes” to going to the next place.  It may be uncomfortable, risky, unknown, or just downright scary, but in all of my years of saying “yes”, I can’t say that I have regretted many, if any, of those “yes” responses.   “Yes” has led to hilarious (post-incident) stories, which then in turn, create fantastic party conversations.  “Yes” builds character.  “Yes” opens doors and creates opportunities for relational depth and community.

Granted, you can’t ALWAYS say yes to everything, but commit to it for a week.  Hell, commit to it for a month.  See where you end up.  You may surprise yourself.  For my SF friends reading out there, you all know that saying “yes” brought me to Livermore. 😀  And I would do it again the same way if it presented itself.

P.S. Happy 4th of July, America.  I miss you.

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