Rhythms of Life

As I’ve moved around from city to city, I’ve noticed that there are generally components of my life that remain the same, and some change.  There are things that I seek out with great fervor and it is these things that help me establish a rhythm in a new place.  Moving to a new city can be a daunting task, and I find that identifying the pieces that help to build that rhythm more quickly enable the transition to go more quickly and more smoothly.

Three components that I’ve discovered that create balance for my rhythm are finding a place to play volleyball on a regular basis, finding a small, but tight community of friends, and (maybe too honestly) finding a great neighborhood bar within walking distance of my home.  Moving to Hong Kong in early 2012 was one of the easiest moves I’ve ever made in my life, and one of the reasons for that was the ability to identify both components quickly and easily.  To top it off, the people I played volleyball with in Hong Kong became some of my closest friends.  And although work made life quite difficult last year, my personal life was actually quite good because I found those two things that provided balance in my life.   The bar… well, that just makes for an easy place to unwind, a friendly face in the neighborhood, and just generally makes the city feel a bit smaller than it actually is.

I’ve noticed in Bangkok that because it’s taken a bit longer to find those things, I’m a bit more out of sync here.  It’s been difficult to find volleyball here… and building friends has gone more slowly than it did in both Hong Kong and San Francisco.  It’s nothing that I’m too concerned with, but it’s definitely not as easy here as it has been in recent moves.  As for the bar, I haven’t found that, but I’ve developed some friendly relationships with the motorcycle taxi drivers that whisk me off to the BTS, and the ladies who cook at the food stalls on my street, and that has helped to bring that component to my life.

It’s good to know what brings balance to our lives; the little things that allow us to feel at ease in new surroundings.

What are the components of the rhythm of your life?  Can you identify them for yourself?