It’s been a great week here in Bangkok, as I’ve started getting publicity out for urbanTOX, and received a great deal of help from family and friends who have graciously taken a few minutes of their time to help me spread the word about my business.  With a business like urbanTOX, I rely so heavily on the generosity of others to give their time to support and vouch for both me, and the idea that I’m creating.

I’m feeling so grateful and I know that many have taken a few minutes to Like the Facebook page, or even to share information about urbanTOX on their Facebook statuses.  I wanted to thank everyone for their help, and it’s been a hugely successful week.   Many of you have also given some fantastic constructive feedback, and all of the honesty has been much appreciated and heard with open ears.  Thank you!

In just over about two weeks, there are now 262 Likes on the Facebook page, and there have been over 800 unique visitors to the website.  It’s hard to gauge the actual reach of how far the message has spread, but Facebook Insights has said that the posts on urbanTOX have reached almost 4500 people in 7 days.  I think that’s understated, personally.  🙂  AMAZING.


I understand that it’s a marathon, and not a sprint, but this is one unbelievable start.   I’m humbled, and thankful that you’re all with me on this journey!

If you’re interested in taking a look-see, we’re at and you can check out the Facebook page here.

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