You’re a high achiever and considered a leader in your area of expertise. But are there moments when you feel like life is passing you by too quickly – have you started feeling a bit disoriented and disconnected from your purpose?  When was the last time that you checked in with yourself about where you’re going in life?   Does it feel daunting to explore those questions again?

Mac Ling is a transformational life coach and a facilitator for creating, accepting, and living a more fulfilling life. He brings an action-oriented focus combined with deep listening and empathy skills to help his clients process and move through the obstacles they’re facing.  He challenges his clients to dream big dreams for themselves, and then works with them to create those first steps towards making those dreams a reality.

Mac works with individuals at all stages of their life, however many of them are successful female leaders.  A common thread among his clients remains that they have all been willing to be honest with themselves and to be open to exploring new paths and directions for their lives.  A main area of focus with clients has been around the area of developing confidence, self-belief, and resilience to ensure that growth and change happens in a sustainable way.

It just takes a spark to ignite the transformation in your life.  Are you ready to make that decision for your life to change?

His own journey has led him down many paths, which has included working in companies and launching commercial and social ventures in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, and the United States.  Mac Ling is the founder of Coaching Collective,  a global leadership coaching firm, and has certifications from the Center for Advanced Coaching and Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching.