You’re a high achiever and considered a leader in your area of expertise. But there are moments when you feel like life is passing you by too quickly – have you started seeking greater satisfaction and overall fulfillment? Or perhaps you’re looking for the right questions to ask to begin figuring that out?

Mac Ling is a catalyst for creating, accepting, and living a more fulfilling life.  He works cooperatively with his clients to illuminate uncharted paths on their life journey in a solution-focused way. An Executive Coach with Coaching Collective, and certified as an Advanced Master Coach by the Center for Advanced Coaching, Mac has a deep passion for working with people who are ready and willing to fight for what they want.

His own journey has led him down many paths, which has included working in companies and launching ventures in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, and the United States, developing team-based Amazing Race experiences, facilitating workshops for community-based NGO leaders, and writing for Hong Kong-based Foodie Magazine.

Mac works with high-performing leaders, many of which are powerful women. These clients are passionate about what they do, and are unafraid to look deep inside themselves to unlock new strengths to achieve greater heights.


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